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Frankincense Sweet Resin Incense Tin

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Sweet Frankincense resin is a variety of frankincense which has a brighter, sweeter aroma.

Frankincense is an aromatic resin oftentimes described as a sweet and woody scent with notes of lemon. Frankincense has a very aromatic earthy scent. You will definitely get the Boswellia tree’s musty pine notes, along with citrus notes and spicy undertones. It is also quite similar to rosemary, which is a scent with which most are more familiar.

Frankincense is believe to purify, protect, and heal. Bring spiritual awareness, knowledge and great for meditation. It is believed to release powerful positive energies and drives away negativity. 

For use as incense.
Burn resin over charcoal tablets in a proper heat resistant charcoal incense burner.

Helpful Information:
How to Burn Resin Incense


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