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Small Soapstone Lotus Incense Burner

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For use with: incense sticks.
Size: 3" round

*Incense not included
*Colors may vary

This lovely soapstone burner, carved in the shape of a Lotus flower, is perfect for burning your incense sticks. You can burn up to 5 sticks at once.

What does the Lotus symbolize?

Important religious significance is attached to the lotus. According to Buddhist tradition, the lotus is associated with enlightenment and the Buddha. It is also sacred to followers of Hindu tradition, and is the national flower of India. A relative of the lotus, Nymphaea lotus or the tiger lotus, was imported to Egpyt, where it played an important role in religious ceremonies and culture. Numerous paintings and sculptures depict the use of the lotus in religious ceremonies and as a sacred ornament.

What is Soapstone?

Soapstone is created by nature, composed of talc, quartz and various minerals that has compressed over millions of years. Soapstone has many properties that make it desirable for carving, including its softness, which makes it easy to work with. Soapstone is also resistant to heat, making it a good choice for fireplaces, wood stoves, and cookware.


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