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Labdanum Resin Incense (Spain)

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Origin: Spain
Species Name: Cistus Landanifer

For use as incense.
Burn resin over charcoal tablets in a proper heat resistant charcoal incense burner.

*Side note: If anyone is having trouble breaking it into small pieces, freeze it overnight and it becomes very easy to work with.

Pure Essence of Labdanum Resin from Spain.

Labdanum is a sticky brown resin originating from Spain and obtained from the shrub of the Cistus ladanifer, a species of rockrose. It is is celebrated as one of the purest forms of resin. Its mesmerizing appearance reflects a lustrous brown hue, adorned with a translucent black color that gives it a captivating shiny brown finish. 

Labdanum’s fragrance is rich, complex, and tenacious. It is valued in perfumery because it resembles ambergris, which is banned due to its origin from the endangered sperm whale. Labdanum is the main ingredient used to create the scent of amber in perfumes.

Embrace the versatility of Labdanum, as it finds its place in Naturopathy, Herbal Incense (aromatherapy), and fragrance creation like cologne and perfume. Additionally, this exotic resin has ancients roots. The Book of Genesis mentions labdanum being carried to Egypt from Canaan. It serves a vital role in Kyphi formulation (Traditional Egyptian Incense). And it's also known as “Balm of Gilead”, there are numerous biblical references to this particular material.

Helpful Information:
How to Burn Resin Incense


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