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Iron Pot Incense Burner Antique Bronze

  • 1095

Includes: small amount of sand*
Use with
: incense cones, resin incense and charcoal.
Size: Height 3.5", Diameter 3.25"

You'll Also Need:
Incense Resin will not burn on it's own, you'll also need the following available in our store:

How To Use:

Burning Incense Cones: Place burner on ceramic coaster to protect counter top, as the base of the burner may get hot. Fill incense holder with sand. Place lit incense cone on top of sand. Incense will burn best with lid removed. 

Burning Incense Resin & Charcoal: Place burner on ceramic coaster to protect your counter top, as the burner will get very hot. Fill burner with sand. Lite charcoal tablet according to instructions on the charcoal and place in burner on sand. Fully allow charcoal tablet to come to temperature, as indicated by formation of a layer of grey ash covering tablet. Now, add small amounts of incense onto hot charcoal. Incense will burn best with lid removed.
*Caution - burner will get very hot. Do not touch or move burner while burning incense. Allow to fully cool before handing.

Other Uses: This beautiful stone jar can also be used as a keepsake for small jewelry, earrings or trinkets.

Helpful Information:
How to Burn Resin Incense


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