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Ganesh Incense Burner

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Ganesh Aluminum Scoop Incense Burner Ashcatcher

Size: 10" long, stands 1.5" tall

This lovely Ganesh incense burner and ash catcher is made out of aluminum metal and is ideal for burning your stick incense. It measures approx 10" long and stands 1.5" tall to the top of the Ganesh figure. This burner is a scoop burner, meaning the edges curve or scoop up slightly creating a bowl like effect to hold the incense ash. At the front on the burner is a figure of Ganesh. Ganesh is the Hindu God of Wisdom and Success, and the Defender and Remover of Obstacles. Read more about Ganesh below. There is a hole just below the Ganesh figure to insert you incense sticks. The burner is decorated with intricate embossed floral swirling patterns on all sides including the bottom. The burner stands on four feet or legs which raises it elevates it off the surface. slightly.


God of Wisdom and Success, Defender and Remover of Obstacles

Ganesh, also called Ganesha or Ganapati, the elephant headed God of Wisdom and Success is the defender and remover of obstacles and has to be propitiated first before worshiping other Gods. He is one of the son of Siva and Parvati. He is known as "Sidhi Data" or bestower of success in the workplace. His elephant head is believed to be an emblem of wisdom. His head often has one full tusk, while the other is broken. It is said that he lost it in a fight or that he used it to dictate the Maha-Bharata to the sage Vyasa. His mount or standard is a rat, a symbol in Hindu fable of the sagacity & trickery of this world, much like the fox in the west. So it is natural that the rat should first be conquered, then subdued and employed by the being who represents spiritual strength, whom he was bound to recognize as his superior, since his own cunning would tell him that Ganesh would prove a better guide than even his own perspicacity.


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