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Celestial Sun Moon Star Windchime

Celestial Sun Moon Star Windchime

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Celestial Sun-Moon-Star Design
Bronze Tone Metal Windchime with Rustic Bells

Size: 13" tall, 11" wide, and hangs 20" with chain
Material: Metal

This celestial theme wind chime features a moon and star design each with faces, surrounded by sun rays. It's a rustic style metal wind chime made of wrought iron metal and another metal (most likely tine) that have been coated with a bronze and gold colored finish. The finish has an antique style appearance, and the coloring really gives three dimensional depth to the sun and star. The wind chime is decorated with many rustic tin bells. The style and finish is meant to look handmade, weathered, worn, and imperfect. Great for hanging outside on your deck or in your garden. This rustic wrought iron wind chime will bring delight all year round. Wind chimes make perfect gifts for any occasion, and are as beautiful as they are harmonious.


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