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Three Kings Petrus Incense Resin Tin

Three Kings Petrus Incense Resin Tin

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Classic Three Kings Resin Incense

An aromatic mix of Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin and Lavender blossoms.

For use as incense.
Burn over charcoal tablets in a heat resistant charcoal incense burner both of which are available for purchase in our store

Three Kings’ incense Petrus is a mixture of red, black and clear glazed gum granules with lavender blossoms. Petrus has a fragrance that is a very classic combination of different types of incense, with sweet, floral hints.

Petrus is a blend of three types of gum granules (Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin). These granules are obtained from different gum trees, in particular the African Boswellia Papyrifera and Commiphora Myrrha and the Asian Styrax Benzoin. The granules have been washed in perfume oils and are colored with pigments which are all EU-approved.

Petrus is an incense meant for use in rituals. Burning incense is a rich sensory experience and it should preferably be burned on charcoal tabs specifically designed for incense burning. This incense should not be used as a food additive or for pharmaceutical purposes.

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