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Peruvian Ceramic Incense Burner for Stick Incenses - 4.75"

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Peruvian Ceramic Incense Burner for Stick Incenses

Size: 4.75” x 4.75” x 1”
Made in Peru.

Peruvian Ceramic incense burners feature artisan work from Peru, made from locally cultivated clay, and hand painted with traditional designs.

As such, these burners hold great value in sustainability, and social consciousness, supporting the livelihood and preserving the culture of indigenous communities.

Plate shaped, decorated with black and white designs, and has a hole in the center for placing stick incense. A perfect match for our Andean Herbs, Natural resin, and Palo santo stick-incense lines. 


  • Gold-level Green America Certified Business

Charitable Cause:  Prabhuji’s Gifts supports Prabhuji Mission, a New York based non-profit organization, which operates various humanitarian projects, such as: the Prabhuji Food and Clothing Distribution Program, and the Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program.


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