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Mortar & Pestle - Black Soapstone Stone Wide Mouth (sbr538)

  • 1995

Black Soapstone Mortar & Pestle

Size: 3" H x 3" D
*Quarter not included.

Made from natural soapstone rock, our stone mortar and pestles are ideal from grinding herbs, spices and resin incense. Although we recommend never grinding food and resin with the same mortar and pestle. As you can see from the pictures, the outer areas of the mortar and pestle are clear coated, but the inside of the mortar and bottom of the pestle are left uncoated, as to not grind the clear coat into your mixture.

Use Instructions:

add desired amount of ingredients into mortar. Insert the pestle into mortar and with pressure begin working ingredients in a circular motion. Use the pestle to grind the ingredients, pressing them up against the sides and continuing to grind the ingredients in a circular motion until desired fineness is achieved.


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