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Chakra Brass Screen Charcoal Incense Burner w/ Wooden Coaster 3"

  • 1095

Brass Mesh Screen Charcoal Incense Burner w/ Wooden Coaster
For use with: charcoal tablets and resin incense.
Size: 3" diameter
*charcoal and incense sold separately.

This Charcoal Burning Resin Incense Burner with screen comes with a round wooden coaster. The removable screen on this incense burner allows ash to fall through, while keeping the charcoal and resins on top.

Hand Made in India

Instructions: Place incense burner onto wooden coaster and position mesh screen on top of base. Light charcoal tablet according to its instructions and place onto mesh screen. Incense burner will become very hot, do not touch or move incense burner while in use. Allow charcoal to fully come to temperature then add a few pieces of your favorite resin incense onto heated charcoal. Repeat adding incense as desired. When finished, allow charcoal to complete cool before discarding, when it doubt, carefully douse with water.

Caution: charcoal and incense burner will get hot. Use caution when handling.


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