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Carved Soapstone Candle Ball 3.5" (B)

  • 1995

Carved soapstone candle ball for tea light candles and incense cones. Beautifully carved with an intricate pattern.

Candle balls have a hole in the top to let light and smoke escape.

Size 3.5"
Colors will vary.
Each burner is a unique color and pattern. No two are exactly alike.
Candles and incense not included.
Add some scented tea light candles.


Remove the round top dome and then set your lit incense cone or tea light candle onto the stone base. Place the round dome lid back over top the incense or candle, careful not to let the lid touch them, and enjoy as the incense smoke rises up through the carved lid or as the glow of the candle light radiates and illuminates. Caution: The dome lid may get hot during use. Avoid touching or moving the candle ball while in use until it has cooled.


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