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Yoga Incense Cones

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High quality incense cones packaged in fun and modern boxes. These Yoga incense cones come in a variety of fragrances, please see their descriptions below.

12 cones per box.


The symbolism associated with jasmine is sweetness and beauty and it symbolises deep affection, happiness and elegance. Made with extracts of the famous plant, the Jasmine Incense exhibits the same properties. Very much used to calm emotions, Jasmine Incense is a very good remedy for depression as it produces a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria, balancing the energies. In herb lore, jasmine is said to attract love, wealth and prophetic dreams.


Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance, commonly found in incense, soap, perfume oil, essential oils, candles and personal toileteries originating there. It is commonly used in ashrams. Indian incenses containing Plumeria, known in the West as Frangipani, have Champa in their name.


The Patchouli incense derives from the famous Patchouli flower which has a very intense, deep, woody, earthly fragrance which you either love or hate. It has a gentle and sensual scent which is deeply bewitching with a soft and mellow smell that is attractive and even slightly mysterious. Well known for its properties of attracting the opposite sex, Patchouli is recognised as a sensual incense, calling love to the wearer. It has numerous emotional effects such as easing and diminishing anxiety, sharpen intelligence, improve concentration and provide insight.


Sandalwood is likely the most predominant incense scent in the world. The incense of India has a rich history, deeply rooted in the Hindi culture. Infuse your home with the exotic, soothing scents of mystic India. Sandalwood may also be the most common element in the serene incense sticks of Japan. The peaceful atmosphere of many Japanese homes and temples is witness to this. Sandalwood is believed to help relieve insomnia, abate depression, and ease anxiety and grief. Its sweet, woodsy scent is effective in calming even the most agitated feelings.


Opium was used since ancient times to induce sleep. The top notes emanated are very intense and warm, more spicy than floral. This opium incense has an alluring mysterious scent with rich, exotic poppy overtones, ideal for creating a relaxing mood and opening hidden worlds at any time of the day.


Musk incense is known since ancient times. In herbal lore, it is said that musk incense is a cleansing, relaxing and calming fragrance encouraging spiritual healing also being burned to increase love, passion, courage, fertility. Here's an aroma that is strong, sweet, spice-like with woody undertones all set to rejuvenate your sensuality. The musk incense has a fragrance to elevate you into spirituality and connecting you to the higher world.


Frankincense is used as a perfume, but more significantly it was used as incense and burned on the altar of the Jewish temple. Think about the last time you saw smoke rising and how it forms a "ribbon," that connects heaven to earth. This is why incense became a symbol of prayers which when uttered rise to God. Frankincense is also a symbol of another connection between heaven and earth, priesthood, which is the power of God shared with mankind.


Amber is used to symbolise power, command and authority. It indicates that rewards come through the productive intellect and the harvest of creative faculties. Wearing amber, either as a stone or as a string of beads, brings victory despite competition and opposition. It counteracts the dangers of loss through law.


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