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Styrax Resin

Styrax Benzoin Incense Resin Tin

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A common ingredient in ancient and modern perfumery, Styrax resin has a lovely vanilla amber sweetness.

100% pure & natural
Origin: Holland

Also known as: Storax, Tree Amber, Black Styrax or Benzoin

What does Benzoin smell like?

When burned, Benzoin has a nice vanilla undertone with earthy balsam notes and is a commonly used church incense for its potent effects.

What is Benzoin used for?

Purification, prosperity, blessings.
Energizing, uplifting, stimulating.

Burned for purification, astral projection, clears negative energy, emotional balance, eases sadness, depression, weariness, grief, anger, anxiety and to attract prosperity. Benzoin is best used to provide focus and enhance concentration. It is a desirable herb for those seeking a journey into the astral world. Magickally, Benzoin promotes generosity and can open a closed spirit suffering from selfishness. Energizing, uplifting, stimulating. It is known to ‘melt away’ blockages and drive away evil spirits.

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How to Burn Resin Incense


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