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Spring Cleansing Resin Incense Sampler Tin Gift Set

  • 1995
  • Save $ 500

Our Spring Cleansing resin incense sampler is great for cleansing our homes and sacred spaces, clearing out stale energy and welcoming fresh, creative, positive energy, and along with it, a renewed sense of prosperity for the year ahead.

We've packaged 12 cleansing resins into small tins and encased them in a neat little metal case. Please note, you'll still need a charcoal burner and charcoal tablets to properly burn resin incense. If you don't have these, please take a look at our Complete Resin Kits, which contains everything you need.


  • Metal Gift Box
  • Moroccan Rose
  • Egyptian Gardenia
  • Celtic Blend
  • Palo Santo Sahumerio (w/ eucalyptus)
  • Petrus Three Kings
  • Copal Manila
  • Temple of Solomon
  • Basilica
  • Pontifical 
  • Arabique Bright
  • Devotion
  • Frankincense & Myrrh 

*approx 1 tsp scoop of resin per tin (good for several samplings)
**we may substitute or change the above listed resins at anytime without notice


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