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Soapstone Coffin Box Incense Burner

  • 1995

Natural Soapstone Incense Burner

For best results burn with lid open.

Size: 10" long
Material: Stone

Each burner is unique and no two burners will be exactly alike.

Coloring will vary somewhat from the photographs. These beautifully hand carved Incense Burners, also called a Box Burner, Coffin Burner or Ash Catcher, are carved from real soapstone rock. Natural soapstone rock is unique which means each burner carved from this rock will also be unique, no two will be exactly the same. Each burner will have unique coloring and marbling. This incense burner has a Celtic knot design carved into three sides and has decorative holes and carvings that perforate through stone. Exact designs may vary slightly. Not only is this stone incense burner pleasurable to look at, but it is cool and pleasurable to touch. The stone makes for easy cleanup, simply empty the ash and wipe clean or gently wash with water if you desire, do not scrub the surface. Plus, the stone burners are sturdy and fire proof! For best results, please burn incense with the lid open. Incense may not burn with the lid shut.

How to Use

To use this Incense Box Burner, open the lid and insert your lit incense stick into the hole drilled into one end of the burner. Allow the incense to rest on the little stand inside the box. Be sure the burning incense stick does not touch the sides of the burner as this may extinguish the incense and cause it to stop burning. Leave the lid open as the incense burns allowing the fragrance to fill the room. When you are finished or when the incense has burnt out, shut the lid. Closing the lid while the incense is burning may cause the incense to go out. Although the burner does has decorative holes, in most cases the holes are not enough to provide sufficient air flow to keep the incense burning while the lid is closed. In most cases, the incense will go out shortly after you close the lid. To clean, gently hand wash with a soft sponge using warm soapy water. Do not scrub or scour, the stone is soft and susceptible to scratches. Allow to air dry.

What is Soapstone?

Soapstone is natural rock and cool to the touch and some consider it to be therapeutic. Soapstone is unique, and often no two pieces are exactly alike, the color will vary slightly from item to item, and from the picture. Soapstone is created by nature, composed of talc, quartz and various minerals that has compressed over millions of years. Soapstone has many properties that make it desirable for carving, including its softness, which makes it easy to work with. Soapstone is also resistant to heat, making it a good choice for fireplaces, wood stoves, and cookware.


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