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Soapstone Candleball Incense Burner

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Soapstone Incense Cone Burner & Candle Ball Tea Light Candle Holder

Size: 3.5" tall, 3" wide, 3" deep.

Incense and candles not included.
Colors will vary. Each burner is a unique color and pattern. No two are exactly alike.

This beautiful carved stone burner is both an incense cone burner and a tea light candle holder. Carved from solid soapstone rock, this two piece burner is carved and decorated with intricate floral patterns and vines.


Remove the round top dome and then set your lit incense cone or tea light candle onto the stone base. Place the round dome lid back over top the incense or candle, careful not to let the lid touch them, and enjoy as the incense smoke rises up through the carved lid or as the glow of the candle light radiates and illuminates. Caution: The dome lid gets hot during use.

Soapstone makes for great burners because it is fire proof, sturdy, and easy to clean. To clean, wash gently with warm water and soap. Soapstone is soft rock and may scratch if you scrub too hard. Please note, soapstone is unique natural rock, no two pieces will be exactly the same and the coloring may vary slightly from the picture. Because each piece is different from the next we were unable to photograph each and every piece, so we've done our best to group them into similar color categories.


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