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Exotic Resin Incense Sampler Tin Gift Set

  • 1995
  • Save $ 500

Exotic Resin Incense Sampler

Sample our "Exotic" resin incense collection with this sampler kit. This kit is great if you're looking to expand your resin collection and try some new and exotic resin varieties. We've packaged up 12 of our most popular exotic resins into small tins and encased them in a neat little metal case. Included are samples of each of our most popular exotic resin blends, like Palo Santo, Amazon Gold, and Peruvian Myrrh. Please note, you'll still need a burner and charcoal tablets to properly burn resin incense. So if you don't have these, please take a look in our store for our Exotic Sampler Complete Kit, which contains everything you need.



  • Metal Gift box
  • Amazon Gold resin
  • Balthasar resin
  • David resin
  • Garden of Eden resin
  • Kashmir resin
  • Moroccan Rose resin
  • Palo Santo resin
  • Nile Temple resin
  • Peruvian Myrrh resin
  • Pontifical resin
  • Seduction resin
  • Styrax resin
  • *all resins packaged in small metal tins in sample sized amounts


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