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Chinese Foo Incense Burner

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Chinese Foo Dog Incense Burner Censer

For use with: incense sticks and incense cones.

Made of polyresin (hard plastic)

Size: approx. 5" tall, 6" wide from handle to handle, without the handles it is 4" wide, and the mouth opening is 3" wide by 3" deep

This beautiful censer is decorated with Chinese characters and a Foo Dog perched on the lid. It is a lovely dark brown with highlights of bronze and color color throughout. You can enjoy this censer for many things: as in incense burner for sticks or cones, a keepsake jar for jewelry or trinkets, a bowl for fragrance. The vented lid is perfect for allowing your fragrances to scent the room while the lid remains on.


To Burn Incense: simply the fill the base with sand or rocks place lit incense cone on top or insert lit incense sticks into the sand in such a way that they stand straight up without risk of falling over. 


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