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Anklet Silvertone w/ Bells & Charms (JW190)

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Anklet Ankle Jewelry
Silver Tone with Bells & Charms

Size: Fits up to 9.5" long


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Silver Tone Ankle Bracelet with Bells & Charms


These anklets are designed to be worn around your ankle, and are not meant to be worn over a boot. The anklet measures and fits ankles up to 9.5", and is meant to be one size fits most. This jewelry is metal, its a lightweight alloy metal, silver tone in color. The anklet is meant to ride low on the ankle as to not obstruct or hinder you while walking. If fit and worn properly, you should barely notice it's there except for the tinkling of bells as you walk. These anklets are not adjustable per say, but if you wanted to wear it tighter you could clasp it tighter by fastening the clasp shorter on the anklet itself. Or if you wanted to wear it looser you could add an extender chain to lengthen it as desired.

When it comes to anklets the size and quantity of the bells will determine how musical the anklet is. The larger the bells the louder the sound, the smaller the bells and more spaced out the more subtle the sound produced.

This flashy ankle bracelet is constructed with one row of sturdy 3/16" curb chain links from which the bells and charms dangle, and uses a lobster claw clasp at the end. The anklet is decorated with alternating short and long charms and bells, and is decoratd with an assortment of petite and larger ghungroo bells. This anklet is on the smaller size and measures 9.5" in length, and dangles about 1.5" from the chain to the bottom of the bell, but may vary slightly. The sound produced from this jewelry is mild, but the flashy decorative charms add a lot of character to the jewelry. 



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