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Anklet Copper Tone with Coins (JC197)

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Anklet Ankle Bracelet Jewelry
Copper Tone with Coins - Fits up to 11-12.5"

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Copper Tone Anklet with Bells


These anklets are designed to be worn around your ankle, and are not meant to be worn over a boot. The anklet is adjustable and fits ankles between 11-12.5" around. This jewelry is metal, its a lightweight allow metal, copper tone in color. The anklet is meant to ride low on the ankle as to not obstruct or hinder you while walking. If fit and worn properly, you should barely notice it's there except for the tinkling of bells as you walk.

When it comes to anklets the size and quantity of the bells will determine how musical the anklet is. The larger the bells the louder the sound, the smaller the bells and more spaced out the more subtle the sound produced. This anklet is decorated with "coins", not actual coins but coin charms instead of bells or chimes. The sound produced from this jewelry is lower in tone, and not as high pitched as some of the anklets we sell with bells. This ankle bracelet reminds me of the sound coins make when you drop them onto other coins. It's a lovely mild sound with a beautiful design. This anklet is constructed with one row of sturdy but light weight 3/16" curb chain links from which the coins dangle, and hook closure at the end. This anklet is adjustable and measures between 11-12.5" in length, and dangles about 1" from the chain to the bottom of the coins, but may vary slightly.


Cultural Significance of Ankle Jewelry

An anklet is a piece of ornamental jewelry designed to be worn on the ankle of either foot, and is distinguished from a bracelet, meant to be worn on the wrist. Much like other pieces of jewelry, an anklet is designed to accentuate and beautify the area of the body where it is worn, calling attention to the ankles, feet, and lower legs. Anklets are traditionally associated with a tinkling sound, accomplished by using fine chain or bells. Anklets are an important part of women's adornment in the Indian culture though they have also been found in other ancient cultures of Egypt and Middle East. Anklets are a part of ornamentation and has great spiritual and social significance. However, apart from their aesthetic value the basic motive of the anklet is to draw attention to the wearers legs and feet.



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