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Padmini Incense Dhoop Stick (King Size)

Padmini Incense Dhoop Stick (King Size)

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Box of 10 dhoop sticks.

Padmini Dhoop Incense Sticks

Padmini Dhoop is a semi-sweet soft musky fragrance that is pure and soothing. Absolute incense, absolute fragrance, pure and natural. That's because dhoop sticks are pure incense rolled into a log, not onto a stick. These king size dhoop sticks are approx 5" in length.

How to Burn Dhoop Incense

Many dhoop incense come in packages with 5 or 6 logs connected in a row, side by side, in the box. These need to be separated before you burn them. Sometimes, they will break in the wrong places. Don't worry if you break one in half or have two halves stuck together. It is only incense, after all.

To burn, lite a section of the incense log and blow out the flame until the incense is smoldering at the tip. Place incense in a burner of your choosing suitable to safely burn dhoops or upright in a bowl of sand, and it will burn quite nicely.


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