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Black Floral Soapstone Box Incense Burner (B)

  • 2195

Size: 10.5" long, 1.5" wide, 1.5" tall

This is a beautifully hand carved natural soapstone incense burner, also called box burner, coffin burner and ash catcher, is beautifully decorated with carved and colorfully painted floral patterns. The burner is meant is used to burn traditional incense sticks. To use, simply open the lid, insert lit incense stick into the drilled hole provided, allow the stick to rest on the stand, do not let the incense touch the stone and burn with the lid open. Some incense may not burn properly while the lid is closed. When you are finished and no longer want to burn incense, close the lid to display the decorations and keep the ash from showing or spilling.

Natural soapstone is pleasurable to look at and cool to the touch. Some might even consider them to be therapeutic. They are strong, sturdy and easy to clean. Add instant artistry to any surrounding with this unique ash catcher. Soapstone has been used in India as a medium for carving for thousands of years.


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