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Brass Medicine Buddha Incense Burner (BB141)

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Medicine Buddha Incense Burner and Offering Statue

For use with: incense sticks and incense cones.

Size: 8" tall x 6" wide

This lovely brass incense burner and offering statue is great for burning your favorite cone or stick incense. Place the lit incense cone into the little offering dish in front of the Buddha or insert lit incense sticks into the holes on the offering dish and allow to burn.

Buddha--Teacher of Medicine, King of Lapis Lazuli Light

The Buddhist tradition identifies the Medicine Buddha as the ideal healer, and it also stresses that the utmost powers of healing lie within our own selves. "If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, one will eventually attain enlightenment, but in the meantime one will experience an increase in healing powers both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical and mental illness and suffering." Ancient teachings tell us that merely seeing the Medicine Buddha, or even seeing an image of the Medicine Buddha, or hearing the name of the Medicine Buddha, can confer inconceivable benefits.

His left hand rests in his lap, palm upward, in the gesture of meditative stability or meditation, which represents the eradication of sickness and suffering— and, indeed, the very roots of samsara— through the realization of absolute truth.


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