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Manote Thiha Incense Burner

Manote Thiha Incense Burner

  • 1695

Manote Thiha Incense Burner

Size: approx. 8.25" tall, 6" wide, 3" deep bowl

Made of polyresin (hard plastic)

This beautiful burner has the look, feel, and texture of from real aged wood. It has intricate patterns and details carved throughout. You can enjoy this censer for many things; as in incense burner, a keepsake jar for jewelry or trinkets, a bowl for fragrance. Atop the lid the mythical creature Manote Thiha is perched, guarding its contents. 


To Burn Incense: simply the fill the base with sand or rocks place lit incense cone on top or insert lit incense sticks into the sand in such a way that they stand straight up without risk of falling over. 

Manote Thiha

is a mythical creature with a man's torso and a lion's hindquarters, which is always depicted in a squatting posture on forked haunches. It originates from a mythology which has a number of its own mythical creatures that either resembles a real-life animal, or an imaginary one having a single combined form of several animals. Many mythical creatures originated in the life stories of the Buddha.


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