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Seven Metal Meditation Gong

Seven Metal Meditation Gong

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Meditation Suspension Gong with Antique Finish & Wooden Striker

Beautiful seven metals meditation gong with decorative metal designs, wooden stand, and wooden mallet.

What is a Meditation Gong?

Meditation gongs are actually a unique type of musical instrument. The two most prevalent types are suspended gongs and singing bowls. Both are generally used during group or individual meditation to produce harmonious tones and vibrations designed to enhance the meditation experience.

The exact origins of meditation gongs are unknown, but it is believed that they were developed during ancient times, perhaps as early as 2000 B.C. Most likely, they originated in the area of Tibet. Originally, these types of gongs were used primarily during religious ceremonies. Over time, however, they have become increasingly popular for use in other, nonreligious practices, such as yoga and transcendental meditation.

The type of meditation gong referred to as a suspended gong looks like what most people might envision when they think of a gong. A suspended gong is a metal disc, typically made of copper, bronze, or some combination, that is hung on a frame of some sort. The frame can be as simple as two wooden rods, as a complex as an ornate arc, or anything in between. The size of the metal disc also varies, and while some can be small enough to sit on a person’s desktop, others can be large enough to take up an entire wall.


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